The Culture and Technology research group at the IT University of Copenhagen, known as CULT, focuses on research into culture and technology, especially (but not limited to) user culture, game culture and communication technology. Our research engages with how humans evoke meaning and transform culture through the use of technology and production of digital content. This kind of research is vital for audience and user knowledge, and for design processes, that can make the difference between wasted efforts and durable change for the better.

The interests in the CULT research group evolve around six interconnected themes:

Social and cultural formations
- the emergence and drivers of user and game culture(s)

Playful engagement
-  in particular, mischievous and playful forms of user engagement

Ethics, rituals, and norms 
-  the development and negotiations of online and digital cultural practices

Creative expressions 
-  user-generated content of all forms, such as memes, mods and social media posts

Affective formations
-  the patterns and rhytms of affective expressions across platforms

Culture in technology
- the embedding of cultural values and discourses in platform, app and game design

Exploring these perspectives on digital culture, CULT researchers engage actively and critically with innovative and challenging online and digital phenomena, with the objective of establishing new analytical frameworks and concepts through which we can research and discuss current digital culture.

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We currently do research on transgressive behaviour in online gaming environments, death and memorial practices online, cancer stories on social media, hook-up apps and chemsex,  and a number of other projects.





Lisbeth Klastrup, Associate Professor, Research Co-ordinator


Torill Mortensen, Associate Professor


Stine Gotved, Associate Professor


Kristian Møller, Post.Doc

Affiliate members


Hans-Joachim Backe, Associate Professor